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New Mexico State University
Graduate School

NMSU Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

Important: ***The Graduate School Offices are now located in the Educational Services Building, Suite 301. ***

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Section I

The following manual contains the NMSU Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines. The manual contains all materials listed in Section II, III, and IV.



Section II

The following link provides a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Thesis/Dissertation Review Process.




Section III

The following links provide the NMSU Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines Manual by section.


Manuscript Requirements

Document Structure

Style Guides

Journal Articles as Part of the Thesis

Copyrighted Materials

Completing the Thesis or Dissertation

Manuscript General Errors

Sample Pages



Section IV

The following are student forms related to thesis/dissertation review and binding. One Click Print for Forms Needed for Format Review: Master's Thesis Review Form Packet / Doctoral Dissertation Review Form Packet


Thesis/Dissertation Intake Form

Degree Completion Checklist

Thesis/Dissertation Guidelines Checklist

Signature Page for Faculty and Student

Library Thesis/Dissertation Binding Form

Library Personal Binding Form



Section V

The following are forms for students completing dissertations. The SED is completed and turned in at the Graduate School with the dissertation for review. The UMI is submitted with payment to the bindery when submitting your copies to be bound.


Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED)

Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form (UMI)



Section VI

The following is a link regarding the embargo of dissertations or master's theses.


Embargo of Dissertations or Masterís Theses Policy

Form for Embargo of Dissertations or Masterís Theses