International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program released updated guidance on July 24, 2020 regarding permissible international student course loads for Fall 2020. The guidance is in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and based on the March 9th Spring Guidance Broadcast Regulation. SEVP has also released Q& A information related to the Fall 2020 guidance.

SEVP has issued an updated regulation (released July 6th, 2020) regarding student course loads for Fall 2020:

- Continuing International students are able to take all online classes whether in the US or outside of the US as long as: students are registered for the required number of courses, the courses are needed towards progress of their degree, and students are continuing to maintain their status.

- New students can take online classes while outside the US. If new students take online only classes outside the US, they will not need an I-20 for Fall 2020 semester.

- ISSS strongly encourages all new international students who will take classes while in the US to work with their Academic Advisor to enroll in at least one hybrid class.

Hybrid courses are NOT considered online.  

- All F-1 graduate students need to register for 9 credits to maintain their F-1 status.

For further questions about course load guidance, please contact