Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I find exam forms?

Answer: Graduate Forms

Question: Where do I find due dates/deadline?

Answer: Graduate School Calendar

Question: Does the Graduate School accept digitally completed forms?

Answer: Graduate School will be accepting digitally completed forms from official NMSU email addresses. The forms need to be signed off on and complete, but the signatures can be digital. They also can be scanned and emailed, if signed in paper format. Please route the exam forms (scheduling exams to take place) to Please route Exam Results, Programs of Study, Transfer Credit Request forms, Master’s Accelerated Forms, Degree Audit Exception forms, and Change of Admission Semester Forms to

Question: Is NMSU providing direction to relief package resources for people affected financially by COVID?

Answer: Yes, the CARES Act provides aid to Title IV qualifying students who experienced unexpected costs resulting from on-campus disruption caused by COVID-19. Due to limited funding, the application can be found and submitted for process here:


Can I get electronic signatures for my thesis/dissertation defense form and the signature page on the document?

Answer: Yes, all of our forms can be electronically signed. Exam paperwork needs to be signed and submitted to Program of studies need to be filled out, signed and sent to Exam results need to be signed and submitted to

Can I defend my dissertation or thesis virtually?

Answer: As you know, we are in the midst of a very challenging and fluid situation as the University responds to the coronavirus pandemic. We are also mindful that it is “defense season,” and many students are planning both defenses and public presentations of their dissertation and thesis work. We are making every effort to have defenses and presentations be done remotely to accommodate student’s needs and safety.

How do I prepare my manuscript for submission?

Answer: When submitting a page-based manuscript of your dissertation or thesis, it must be submitted to ProQuest Dissertation Publishing in Adobe PDF format. When preparing your PDF, follow the guidelines on the following link:'s-Thesis-Students.aspx


I am feeling very overwhelmed by the COVID-19 situation. What resources are available to me as a graduate student?

Answer: COVID-19 has brought on new challenges and complexity into our lives. This is stressful. Stress can manifest differently in all of us: physically (e.g., upset stomach), psychologically (e.g., anxiety, depression), or behaviorally (e.g., substance abuse). Support and resources continue to be available at NMSU and in the community. The counseling staff and health providers on campus can help you cope and get on a healthy path. They can also give you referrals to other programs. The Health and Wellness Center remains open to support students and employees. It is advised that you telephone before visiting the Health and Wellness Center to schedule an appointment by calling 575-646-1512. When visiting the Health and Wellness Center expect to receive an initial screening before being able to enter the building. Counseling is available through tele-counseling services. Schedule an appointment by calling 575-646-1512 or emailing at . Please visit for additional information.

I’m not sure I can afford or find adequate food/nutrition options during this time. What can I do?

Answer: Adequate nutrition is important to maintaining physical and mental health. If you are facing food insecurity, the Aggies Cupboard (located on 906 Gregg St) Food will be distributed Thursdays ONLY from 3pm– 6pm on the yard of the Aggie Cupboard. Clients should be ready to state their banner ID. All food boxes are pre- made with either chicken, tuna, or peanut butter. Clients waiting to collect should remain 6 feet from each other in the order they arrive. Red tape is on the ground to identify where to stand. A ‘drive-up’ area is also available. If you are sick or have come into contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 please stay at home.

Please check the Aggie Cupboard website for updates on available supplies and hours of operation. Additionally, a Mobile Food Pantry has prepared special food packs with essentials. Students must bring their NMSU ID and a box/rolling cart to carry up t0 70lbs of perishable food. Registration takes place from 12:00-12:30 and distribution is from 12:30-2:30. The Mobile Food Pantry is located SW corner of Preciado Park (Gregg St. and Sweet Ave.) Please visit for additional information.