Master’s Accelerated Program (MAP)

Registration Requirements

  • This program is only applicable if the student has not completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • The student is required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and must be classified as a junior or senior. (Some department requirements may exceed these GPA standards.)
  • Undergraduate students interested in MAP should consult with their anticipated Master’s program department head or MAP advisor to determine what undergraduate or graduate-level courses are part of the MAP. Students can contact the Graduate School for information about MAP programs outside of their current Department.
  • The student must meet with their financial aid advisor, if they receive financial aid, as financial aid awards may be adjusted.
  • The students are responsible for course registration and must obtain the appropriate signatures if the course is closed or requires instructor approval.
  • Students accepted into MAP must participate in the Developing New Scholars Program (DNSP), offered by the Graduate School and Honor’s College. The DNSP's purpose is to create access to success in graduate education by providing guidance and mentoring.
  • Before submitting the MAP form to the Graduate School, the following signatures must be obtained: the anticipated MAP advisor or Department Head and Financial Aid Advisor, if applicable.
  • Graduate School will confirm the student’s classification, cumulative undergraduate GPA, and cumulative hours earned. Upon the awarding of the Bachelor's degree and if the student receives admission into the master’s program; the following approved 12 graduate credit hours will be assigned a graduate-level and applied towards Masters-level studies.


  • Decide what prospective Masters you want. Do some research on the Masters programs offered at NMSU and learn which program best suites your interest
  • Talk to your Department Heads. Your department has the ultimate decision if you can participate in MAP, So it is important to discuss this with them. If your desired Masters is in a different department than your current undergrad program, contact both Department heads.
  • Talk to your Advisor. Find out what classes you have left. To be covered by financial Aid, MAP courses MUST count towards your undergrad degree as electives or as core courses.
  • Fill out the Master’s Accelerated Program (MAP) Referral Form. This form must have all the necessary signatures and the classes you plan to take. It must be submitted to the Graduate School by the first Friday of classes.
  • Once the referral form is submitted. The Graduate School will notify you of your admission and send a copy to your instructors and the undergraduate college.
  • Register for classes. Register for the classes chosen by you, your advisor, and the department head. These will be a 450 level or higher. These may require instructor approval and it will be your responsibility to obtain it.