Graduate Ethics Standards

Ethics Committee


The NMSU Code of Ethics and its accompanying Standards of Conduct promotes excellence in research and teaching at NMSU by identifying the principles, values, and expected behaviors that NMSU considers fundamental to the successful development of faculty and graduate students.  The Code of Ethics has as its foundation the expectation that faculty and graduate students will act with integrity and respect, in an environment of shared responsibility for promoting excellence in research, teaching and professional service.  The Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct in this document describes accepted practices for Graduate Students, Faculty, Programs/Departments and the Graduate school in the following domains: progress toward degree, research and creative activities, graduate learning environment,  professional growth and advancement, assistantships and financial aid  and community engagement.  These guidelines were developed by constituents representing faculty, administrators, and graduate students across the Colleges.

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Progress Toward Degree

Ethical Principle

Faculty and graduate students will demonstrate a shared responsibility through respect, honest academic conduct and a scholarly support system to include the program/department and the graduate school in achieving successful progress toward the completion of the designated degree for the graduate student.


Research and Creative Activities

Ethical Principle

Faculty and graduate students conduct their research with integrity and transparency, consistent with their disciplines’ ethical code, NMSUS’ best practices, and federal regulations.   All graduate student research must be supervised by a faculty member. At NMSU the Office of Research Integrity and Research Compliance serves as the central resource for information regarding research policies, ethics, and relevant compliance issues across disciplines. As a Land Grant, Hispanic Serving Institution and a Carnegie High Research Activity Institution, we acknowledge our unique status and responsibility to the community.



Graduate Learning Environment

Ethical Principle

Faculty and Graduate Students will act with the highest level of competency, commitment, and integrity, in an environment of shared responsibility for promoting excellence in teaching and student learning.



Professional Growth and Advancement

Ethical Principle

 Faculty and Graduate Students will embrace the development of lifelong learning, striving for the highest level of excellence in their respective disciplines.



Assistantships and Financial Aid

Ethical Principle

Faculty and Graduate Students will support transparent, timely and responsible stewardship of resources to promote fair distribution of funds across colleges, departments and students for the purpose of supporting graduate education, training and research.



Community Engagement

Ethical Principle

Faculty and Graduate Students will cultivate a culture of shared commitment to local and statewide communities and to the advancement of our Land Grant Mission.