Steps to Graduating

  1. Apply for Degree by the deadline.
  2. Enroll in the required number of credits for the semester your degree will be certified.
  3. Submit your exam forms to Graduate School at least 10 business days before your exam and before deadline. Defend Successfully.
  4. Thesis and dissertation students must submit their thesis or dissertation to Graduate School before deadline for format review.


Please refer to the  Graduate Calendar for deadlines.   


Application for Degree

  • Complete the Application for Degree for the semester you are planning to graduate by the posted deadline.
  • Missed Deadline: You are still able to work towards the requirements for the semester, but will have to apply for degree for the next semester. You may also need to re-enroll if you miss any of the deadlines. The degree will be awarded the next semester.
  • Failed to graduate: If you were unable to graduate for the semester you originally applied for, you will now have to graduate in a different semester, you will need to apply again for the next semester. Your degree application will not automatically move to a different semester.
  • NOTE: The Registrar’s Office handles the applications for degree and there is a fee that is charged.
  • Apply for degree through
  • Why is Application for Degree important?
    The application for degree tells the University that you are planning and ready to Graduate and that an initial review (pre-certification) needs to be done for you.A folder is created for you and the check list for requirements begins.


Exam Enrollment Requirements

Thesis exams must be enrolled in 1 credit hour for the semester.

Dissertation exams must be enrolled in 1 credit hour the semester.

This option is only for the non-thesis students that have completed all their required coursework and now are taking their final exam.

Planning for your exam

Meet with your advisor to: 

a. Plan exam
b. Reserve location for exam through your department
c. A completed Exam Form should be submitted to the Graduate School a minimum of 10 days prior to your exam.
d. Refer to Graduate Calendar for deadlines


Exam Form Processing at Graduate School: Why we need time to process your paperwork

  • Graduate school processes the exam paperwork to ensure:
    • Form is complete and filled out accurately
    • Student is enrolled in required credits
    • Student GPA is at least 3.0
    • The Committee has the correct composition, members are from the correct departments, and required members are graduate faculty with active current terms/not expired
    • Form has appropriate signatures
  • After these checks are completed, the Graduate School processes and creates individualized exam [paperwork listing the committee members, time and location of the exam]. We then send personalized paperwork to the committee members and the departmental administrative assistant to be completed.
  • Your dean’s representative will return completed results to the Graduate School to be recorded and placed in your file for degree certification.
  • Exam results need to be submitted shortly after you have taken your exam

Committee for Masters Exams

  • The committee chair and one other member must be from the student’s home department
  • The dean’s representative cannot be a member of the student’s home department
  • All committee members must be graduate faculty.

Committee for Doctoral Exams

  • The committee chair and one other member must be from the student’s home department
  • The dean’s representative cannot be a member of the student’s home department.
  • All committee members must be graduate faculty.
  • Must have an additional member (can be from the home department or any other department)