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International Graduate Students Steps to Join NMSU

Step 1: Visit the Academic Program Website
Learn about your desired program and requirements. Identify the graduate coordinator and their contact information.


Step 2: Mark Application Deadlines
For International Students:
The default application deadline for the Fall semester is February 15 or as specified by Departments, whichever is earlier. For the Spring semester, it is September 1 or earlier date by the department. Please visit the Graduate Programs page to see the international deadlines for each program. As separate departments may have different deadlines, please ensure that you apply by the specific graduate program’s deadline date. The Graduate School cannot guarantee that an application will be processed if received after the deadline.

For Domestic Students:
Deadlines vary by the Department. Please visit the  Graduate Programs and Departmental website to learn more.


Step 3: Know the Admission Process
Please visit the admissions page for information regarding the application review process. The Graduate School generally offers admission to international students for Fall and Spring semesters only. See academic departments for programs that enroll students in the summer.


Step 4: Check Eligibility
Learn about  English proficiency and Transcript requirements.


Step 5: Apply and get Admitted
The graduate application includes both the institution’s application and the graduate program supplement.


Step 6: Collect the I-20
Find out the I-20 process and requirements. For questions about the I-20 process, please contact International Student and Scholar Services.


Step 7: Apply for a Student Visa
You must get a student visa to study in the U.S. See the checklist and timeline.


Step 8: Enter the U.S.
Get your plate ticket, passport, student visa, and other documents.


Step 9: Prepare for Life at NMSU
Know about many other tips such as nearby hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, transportation, health insurance, orientation, and course registration. Also, plan about getting the Social Security Number.