Steven Sandoval

Master of Science:  Electrical Engineering

Class of 2010

Image of Steven Sandoval


Why did you choose NMSU Graduate School?

NMSU allowed me the flexibility to continue my education while working full-time.


What is your current position?

Assistant Professor

Klipsch School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

New Mexico State University


What is your biggest accomplishment?

Earning the Ph.D degree, and attaining a position that allows me to educate others in the field.


How did NMSU prepare you for your field?

Obviously, there are some skills that you must learn on the job, but NMSU prepared me to break down problems systematically and approach problems like an engineer.


What did you enjoy most about NMSU?

The class sizes are small enough that students are able to enough face time with instructors that they can build working relationships with instructors. In many cases, building these relationships has proven invaluable.